A Step Closer to Smart Warehousing

Warehouse Management System – WPLS

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A Step Closer to Smart Warehousing

Deploying a warehouse management system (WMS) can enhance operational efficiency in a large warehouse or distribution centre. The WMS provides a real-time view of the stock, acting as a central point for inventory managers. However, with the rising velocity of global supply chains, most WMS implementations still rely on inventory data collected manually; the latter is often out-of-date after a short period.

Wipro Pari has the in-house capability of developing customizable standalone WMSs and cloud-based WMSs with integrated ERP systems and supply chain modules to streamline all business processes across various departments in an all-in-one, unified solution.

Our in-house experts implement cross-platform WMS solutions, compatible with pc, mobile, tablet, and smart devices, built with custom modules for scheduling & cross-docking, shipping & logistics and more.

Cloud-Based WMS Software Solutions

 We develop cloud-based WMSs that is hosted on a secured private server, offering advantages for companies that handle high-value inventory products

IoT-Based WMS Software Solutions

We deliver IoT solutions that combine machine learning technologies, sensor data, and predictive analytics.

Blockchain-Based WMS Solutions

Blockchain Solutions provides a secure and custom-tailored WMS to reduce attack vulnerability and strengthen critical network requirements significantly.

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Key Points Of WMS System

  • System can be configured for multi deep locations.
  • Facility to define variant / SKU wise locations.
  • Provision of auto calibration for all pallet locations.
  • Functionality of Maker – Checker.
  • Credential base menu access.
  • Selectable Storage and retrieval rules.
  • Customized palletization functionality.
  • User friendly UI.
  • Fulfillment tracking and audits.
  • Storage route optimization.
  • Intra aisle shuffling facility.
  • Ability to review historical data.
  • Dashboards that are easy to read.
  • Audit reports.
  • Provision for storage and retrieval of pallets based on manual request.

Benefits of WMS

  • Automated operations.
  • Simplified management of larger no of SKUs
  • Faster inventory turns.
  • More efficient use of available warehouse space.
  • Reduction in inventory paperwork.
  • Improved cycle counting.
  • Reduced dependency on warehouse personnel.
  • Enhanced customer service. 
  • Improved stacking productivity. 

Various Modules Under WMS

  • Material receipt
  • Material tracking
  • Material issue
  • Inventory count
  • ERP Integration
    • Inventry Updates
    • Delivery Schedules

Retrieval Rules

  • FIFO – first in first out.
  • LIFO – last in first out.
  • Material Type wise – Material type wise pallet retrieval.
  • Pallet wise – Specific pallets retrieval.
  • Expiry Date wise – Retrieval shall be done on expiry date.
  • Storage date wise – Retrieval shall be done on storage date.
  • City location wise – Delivery orders shall be executed as per given city sequence.

Various Applications Under WMS

  • Conveyor Console Application
  • Stacker Console Application
  • WMS Display System
  • Order Picking (DO) System
  • Reporting System

Vital Stats

Material Handling Lines

Achieved JPH (Jobs/hr.)

Product Types Handled