Wipro PARI helps bring Value to Engineering Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

We have been providing global turnkey installations for over 25 years, executing projects on four continents and in more than 25 countries.  Our range of services provide support, lower operating costs, and a faster return on investment.

Automated Assembly

At Wipro PARI, leveraging a broad array of components has helped us implement projects that have production volumes from 25,000 to 450,000 parts per annum; and fully manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic processes.

Automated Machining

Machining solutions serve customers by increasing production and lower costs for automated processes such as: parts loading, unloading, turning, milling, and grinding.

Automated Warehouse and In-plant Logistics

We offer expertise in material handling solutions; from glass handling to working with molten metal. We also employ robots, gantries, conveyors and other solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Automated Welding

For automated welding solutions, the latest state of the art welding technology is deployed with well-engineered fixtures, indexers, shuttles and robots for high productivity. The automated lines are Industry 4.0 ready with critical data capturing and analysis modules.

Vital Stats

Machining Lines

Material Handling Lines

Assembly Lines