Tire Industry Solutions

Automated Storage Solutions for the Tire Industry

Challenges faced by the Tire manufacturers:

  • Managing multiple processes at multiple speeds
  • Increasing customization in tire selection leads to reducing batches
  • Significant labour and space requirements in the delivery bay

Wipro Pari is an experienced intralogistics partner with our comprehensive portfolio and numerous application fields to the tire industry. Our portfolio includes automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) for pallets with rubber compounds, green tires, customer-specific transport carts, and rack-supported storage systems for processed goods.

Find out how we are helping our customers in the tire industry.

Tire Handling Solutions

Tire Project References

  • PCR Tire – Inspection Loop (11.5 K/day)
  • TBR Tire – Inspection Loop (6 K/day)
  • OTR Tire – ASRS for RMS & FGS (9.5 K Pallets)
  • Simulation: TBR, PCR (Turnkey with Individual Area)

Entire Turnkey Solution From TBM To FGS For PCR Tires (10k)

Zone 1 : TBM to GT Handover on TOTE

Zone 2 : GT Storage ASRS

Zone 3 : GT Auto Painting/ Lubing Station

Zone 4 : Curing Press EMS system

Zone 4 : Curing Press with Gantry system

Zone 4 : Curing Press with Gantry system

Zone 5 : Cured Tire Inspection Loop

Zone 6 : Palletizing & FGS ASRS System


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