Standard Modules for Machining & Assembly Automation

Standardized Automation Modules

Wipro PARI standardizes product and solution modules allowing our design teams to incorporate solutions effectively.

Over 1600 Standard Modules have been established at Wipro PARI.  Our standards library contains 1250 mechanical standard designs and 350 Controls & Software modules – all available for selection & reuse. These modules also have recorded V&V (Verification & Validation) with their field usage.  We add 400-600 standard modules every year based on the needs for new specifications and continuous product innovation.

Wipro PARI standard solutions can be categorized as:

  • Floor Automation: Conveyors, Shuttles, Transporters, Lifters, SPC Stations, Buffers, Nests, Storage Towers, Rotates, Turnovers
  • Process Modules: Presses, Rams, Reaction Tools, Machine Modules, XY Positioners, Dispensers, Traceability Modules, Vision Modules
  • Tooling Modules: Grippers, Pallets, Nests, Clamps
  • Motion Modules: Slides, Shuttles, Stoppers, Rotary Axis, Indexers
  • Gantry Robots & Accessories: Columns, Under-guarding, Cable Carriers, Hatch Doors
  • Robotic Integration Modules: Robot Gantry, Shuttles, Positioners, Workstations

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