Traceability Technology Supporting Part Tracking & Genealogy

Part Traceability & Quality Data Management

Wipro PARI is equipped with an in-house team of dedicated engineers who support traceability requirements for any project. We use part tracking and quality data management systems for traceability during machining and in our assembly lines.

Wipro PARI offers complete Quality Data Management solutions which can be deployed on the plant shop floor using PC based Data Acquisition software. 

Examples of production lines can include:

  • Crank Machining
  • Cylinder Head Machining
  • Cylinder Block Machining
  • Transmission Case Machining
  • Transmission Converter Machining
  • Middle Valve Body Machining
  • Engine Assembly
  • Transmission Assembly
  • Battery Assembly
  • Final Axle Assembly

Traceability Components  

  • RFID Tags
  • Bar Code Labels
  • 2D Code Mark
  • RFID Read-Write Units
  • Laser Markers (2D Code)
  • Pin Marker (2D Code)
  • Handheld Readers
  • Fixed 2D Code Cameras
  • Data Bolt Assembly Disassembly Cells

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