Packing & Palletizing Solutions

Packing & Palletizing Solutions with Robot and Gantries

Wipro Pari’s robotic and Gantry palletizing systems focus on innovative designs that maximize the reliability and value of every individual operation. Aspects like pallet build matrix, weight restrictions and load are fully factored in. We even consider ROI, weighing the costs of human labour versus automation (and robots), to be sure we can help you make the right choices for your business.

Robotic Packing, Palletizing and Unitizing

Robots perform better (over dedicated palletizers) in systems with multiple infeed (SKU) and multiple outfeeds. In addition, they have proven efficiency when the infeed and outfeed configurations change frequently. 

The design of the palletizing cell by maximizing the utilization of the robots and the proper conveyor system if needed is critical to having a project with the optimal payback.   Wipro Pari has delivered many systems using single or multiple robot cells, and we know the cost factors involved.

Packing & Palletizing using Gantry

Gantries solutions prove best when the project involves long-distance moves or stacking awkward products. Wipro Pari has a line of pre-engineered gantry products that take the guesswork out of their capabilities. As a result, high speeds can be achieved even on large and heavy raw materials.

Servo motion control is the primary driver in gantry systems, and Wipro Pari is an expert in Rockwell and Siemens servo systems. Additionally, we have developed HMI screens that are intuitive and flexible.

Our capability to customize the infeed system using the gantry parameters (height, width, and length) and specially designed conveyor puts Wipro Pari in a different league than your average palletizer provider.

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