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Wipro PARI supports a wide range of gauging applications:

  • In-Process Technologies – Our systems ensure a high in-process capability through real-time measurement of displacement, torques, angles, leak rate, flow, volume, phase angle and voltages/currents
  • Post-Process Technologies – We qualify the manufactured part for its process attributes and specifications: dimensional gauging, vision checks, leak test, clearances, freeness end plays, vibration & noise, electrical tests, and various product test suites
  • Dimensional Measurements – Qualification to AIAG/MSA standards
  • Attribute Measurements – Reliable & Traceable Go/No Go checks
  • Leak Tests – Direct & indirect Leak testing through air, and vacuum
  • Electrical Tests – for insulation, leakages, charge/discharge profiles, connections, heat tests, cyclic tests, etc.

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