Hydraulic Puzzle

Wipro PARI Hydraulic Puzzle Parking system is an Independent Automated parking system.

No dependency of any car on other car for retrieval, parking system feasible to go 1 level in pit and 1 level above ground or combination of both to accommodate maximum car on small footprint area.

It consists of Horizontal and vertical moving pallets. All the pallet movements are pre-programmed and need only pallet number selection on touch screen operator panel to call for specific pallet. Entry restrictions sensor provides extra safety during system operation. Error display on the touch screen makes troubleshooting more specific and quicker.

Technical Specification

Systems designed to accommodate almost all Passenger cars including SUVs and Sedans available in India and can be customized to accommodate custom sized vehicles.

  • Systems available with:
    • Car Widths from 1900 mm to 2200 mm (Mirror Open)
    • Car Lengths up to 5300 mm
    • Car Heights up to 2000 mm
    • Lifting capacity: 2000 kg at all levels as standard and 2500 kg at all levels on demand.

For more details, please refer the datasheet available on this page.

Key Features
  • Hydraulic Independent Parking System
  • System configuration:
    • Upto 1 Level in Pit
    • Upto 1 Level above Ground
    • Maximum G+1/G-1/Combination on both Level Possible.
  • Lifting using Hydraulic Cylinder and Balancing by Chains,
  • Powder Coated Structure with GI Decking sheet for pallets.
  • Safety features: Overtravel Safety and Human entry restriction safety.
  • PLC based system with Touch screen for system operation with error display for better and quicker troubleshooting.
  • Safety Features: Pallet locking mechanism, Leakfree non return valves,
  • Motors and Controls of minimum IP54 Protection.
  • All sensors and limit switches of minimum IP67 protection.
  • System suitable for Indoor as well as Outdoor installations with proper covering and support structure.
  • Components used are of reputed ,industry standard national and international makes.
  • Standard system comes with Car Capacity of 2000 Kgs at all levels, customization available for higher capacities.
  • EV Charging facility can be provided.

For more details, please refer the datasheet available on this page.

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