Smart Systems That Integrate Your Manufacturing Assets Across the Enterprise

Enterprise Manufacturing Systems Integration

Our Enterprise Manufacturing Systems integration approach involves the following components

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Data Tracking and Part Genealogy Tracking
  • Recipe and Batch Management
  • Manufacturing intelligence & predictability
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management
  • ERP Integration & Interface with Business Data like Materials, Stocks & Inventories, Delivery & Invoicing
  • MES Integration & Interface with Production Data like Schedules & Records
  • SCADA & Plant IT Integration with Plant Management Data like Productivity, Quality & Variants, Part, Process & Production Data

Benefits of a real-time integrated enterprise platform for smart manufacturing include

  • Accelerate time to market for innovative products
  • Future-proof the IT investment with flexibility to easily switch best-in-class functional modules
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with simplified management across the platform by leveraging plug and play integration 
  • Ensure tight integration between enterprise applications and operating systems at the shop floor
  • Increase speed and accuracy throughout the extended value chain
  • Gain insight you can act on with metrics acquired directly from transacting the business process model


Vital Stats

Level 3 & 4 (MES/ERP) Integration

Process Stations Integrated/Line

Engineers with IT Integration Expertise