EM Stacker

EM Stacker

Wipro PARI EM Stacker is Semi-Automatic Dependent Car Parking System which doubles up the parking capacity by lifting car on platform and making space for additional car below the platform. Upper car can be removed only when lower car is removed. Wipro PARI designed 4 column parking system with safety features like vehicle presence sensor, overtravel safety sensors, always on type brake motor and positive lifting from 2 columns with balancing by other 2 columns providing a robust, safe, secure, and balanced system for car parking.

Technical Specification

Systems designed to accommodate almost all Passenger cars including SUVs and Sedans available in India.

  • Systems available with:
    • Car Widths from 1800 mm to 2200 mm (Mirror Open)
    • Car Lengths up to 5300 mm
    • Car Heights up to 2000 mm
    • Lifting capacity: 2000 kg as standard and on 2500 kg on demand.

For more details, please refer the datasheet available on this page.

Key Features
  • 2 cars parked at the footprint of 1 car park space.
  • 4 column robust design.
  • Individual motor for each system, no interdependency for system operations.
  • Front wheel stopper arrangement on platform for proper positioning of car.
  • Simple key inching operation for system operation.
  • Overtravel safety for proper pallet positioning.
  • Vehicle presence sensor by default to arrest lowering of platform when car is present at lower level.
  • Motors and Controls of minimum IP54 Protection.
  • Shotblasted and Powder Coated Structure with GI Decking sheet.
  • EV Charging facility can be provided on demand.
Other EM Stacker Variants
  • 2 Level EM Pit Stacker (Ground-1).
  • 3 Level EM Pit Stacker (Ground-1+1).
  • 3 Level EM Ground Stacker (Ground+2).
  • 2 Level EM Cantilever Stacker (Ground+1).

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