Digital Factory.

Digital factory

WIN Connect is Wipro-PARI’s solution for Smart factories. WIN connect is a highly scalable and reliable turnkey solution that features machine connectivity with a single middleware layer that is agnostic to all PLC, CNC and Sensor makes. This middleware collects and sends data directly to the cloud for data storage and visualisation. Additionally, it also features actions such as reporting, productivity and downtime tracking, Andon Display, sending E-mail and SMS escalations and ERP integration for quality and production.
WIN Connect can also be customised to compute industry specific parameters such as OEE, MTTR and MTBF based on the data collected from the machines.


Wipro-PARI will first conduct a detailed plant study for Factory Digitisation. Depending on the requirement, Wipro-PARI will then establish a centralised or distributed data acquisition system (PC/PLC based) and connect edge application to the data acquisition system. The edge application will then publish the data directly to the cloud where it can be accessed from anywhere on an internet browser. It also makes sure that only high level data is sent to the cloud so that data doesn’t take up more storage space in cloud.

Asset gateway

Asset gateway is a part of the middleware that actually communicates between first layer of MES. WIN Connect’s asset gateway is capable of collecting data from all kinds of industrial protocols over Ethernet, therefore supporting all makes of PLCs, CNCs and sensors. All the devices that don’t communicate via Ethernet are centralised to one data acquisition system which can be connected to the asset gateway. The asset gateway can be installed in diverse systems ranging from a Raspberry Pi module to an industrial server, depending on the load of the gateway.

Enterprise gateway

Integration of ERP system is essential for any Industry 4.0 project. WIN Connect can be integrated with most of the ERP systems existing in the market today. Data such as Planned production time, Planned quantity etc. can be pulled from the ERP system and can be used to compare with actual production quantity and run time. Production data can also be logged in the ERP system.

Data Visualisation

Data from both Asset and Enterprise gateway can be visualised via real time dashboards, historical dashboards and reports. Dashboards and reports in WIN Connect can be easily customised based on the application and end requirements. This data visualisation module can be made available both in in-premise and cloud platforms. Wipro-PARI also offers ANDON Displays for data visualisation within the shop floor to display essential data such as production count, process parameters etc.

Vital Stats

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