Digital Asset.

Wipro-PARI offers asset tracking solutions via both RFID (active and passive) and Bluetooth technologies. This system can be used for tracking raw material, WIP and finished goods along with integration to machine control systems & ERP systems. It also offers reporting solutions which can report missing, in transit and received goods. All the solutions provided by Wipro-PARI are tested and validated in industrial applications so as to ensure an enhanced usable life of the product in outdoor and indoor applications.

RFID Systems

RFID is a technology that essentially uses radio frequencies in the range of 860MHz for communication. Although it can only communicate at a range of 4-9m, this technology for logging entry/exit of inbound/ outbound logistics, inventory management etc. Wipro-PARI are capable of providing industrial grade RFID tags and readers and the platform for the entire solution.

Bluetooth Positioning

Bluetooth positioning uses Bluetooth signal strength to accurately triangulate the position of Bluetooth tags. This indoor positioning system can easily give a range of 5-7m in industrial environments. Given this accuracy and range, this solution can be used for applications such as presence detection, forklift utilisation, workforce attendance etc.

UWB Positioning Systems

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Positioning is a more accurate positioning system that be used for applications that require high accuracy of the order of 30-50cm. Typically applications like people position tracking, forklift tracking and motion profiling etc. can make use of UWB.

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