Turnkey Automation Systems & Solutions

Our Business

Precision Automation & Robotics India Private Limited (PARI), headquartered in Pune, India was founded in 1990 by Mangesh Kale and Ranjit Date who had the knowledge and experience to understand the manufacturing industry’s needs. The organization is amongst the largest global automation companies with a strength of 1300+ employees and multiple facilities worldwide, with its headquarters in Pune, India.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), a business of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited, set up its automation business in 2018 as a solutions provider for Industrial Automation. It acquired PARI in 2021 to become Wipro PARI.

Wipro PARI has the vision to utilize its expertise and resources to bring the best solutions in automation and robotics to its customers. Through our global reach and technical prowess, we offer a comprehensive slew of industrial automation solutions, including turnkey physical automation projects and digital factory initiatives to serve our customers.


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Vision & Mission


To be in the world’s top 10 discrete automation solutions companies serving the global industrial sector.


Provide end to end Industrial Automation solutions to manufacturing businesses enabling them to be automated, digitized, and smart.